How Do You Know Jerokiah Darr?

You may know me from one of the online businesses I built, which are no longer active as of 2016.

You may have met me when I was a private investigator. That was an experience, but not really what I want to do.

Some of you will know me from ITT Technical Institute. I made some friends there and learned a few things. Next chapter.

I know a lot of my brothers in arms will find me here. I had the pleasure of serving with some of the world’s greatest silent professionals.

2001-2005: B co. 3/327 INF REGT
2005-2007: D co. 1/506 BCT ( Dog Company by Capt. Hill )

However you know me or if you are just learning about me, thanks for stopping by. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates.

Wherever you are, be there.

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