What is Bitcoin?

In a nutshell, bitcoin is decentralized, unregulated, peer-to-peer digital currency. Watch the brief video to the left for a basic understanding. Official Bitcoin sites include: and

What is Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, also referred to as digital money. Since inception there have been a number of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin (altcoins) entering the market.

Some of the more popular altcoins include litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, zcash, unobtainium, monero and dash. The value of most of these coins is based on the bitcoin market; while some gain traction, others fail. You can openly trade on markets like and


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Earn Free Bitcoin

There are several ways to earn free bitcoin without investing. Below, we cover a few.

Faucets: A bitcoin faucet rewards you with small amounts of bitcoin (called Satoshi) for completing a capcha several times a day (usually every 15-30 minutes). Faucets are able to do this because of the published advertising on their site. The more visitors they get, the more revenue they earn.

Some faucets like this one, allow you to earn from games as well.

Mining: Mining is the process of using your computer hash power to validate and create new blocks on the blockchain. Every transaction is passed to miners in blocks. Specialized hardware called ASICs are used to produce a sufficient hash power to mine bitcoin. While it is not profitable to mine at home without spending big bucks on mining equipment, there are other algorithms used by altcoins that are still fairly profitable. The best way to use your CPU and GPU power to mine  and earn bitcoin is the NiceHash software, which pays for dozens of algorithms in bitcoin.

Popular Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin – BTC; Ether – ETH; ZCash – ZEC;

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Exchange currencies with programs like ShapeShift and Changelly

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