Plug-In Profit Site Review   Recently updated !

If you are anything like me, you have joined program after program trying to achieve the golden dream of financial freedom working from home. Hopefully you haven’t spent thousands of dollars and wasted hundreds of hours trying to reinvent the wheel like I have though. So, a couple weeks back I came across a website where […]

Plug-In Profit Site


Browser Gaming Development

I have shifted focus a bit to browser gaming development over the last few months. Some research and preliminary language testing has been one of the first challenges to overcome. Browsers support flash-based gaming platforms primarily, however Java and JavaScript are also very reliable platforms if you do not require a complex gaming engine. One […]

2015 Web Development Focus, CMS

Since 2008, I have been honing my skills as a web developer, primarily focusing on open-source languages like PHP and JavaScript. Back then I was attending the Software Engineering B.S. at ITT Tech, learning the framework and mostly desktop languages in the proprietary Microsoft Development Studio. Not a fan of this or other propriety IDEs […]



URL Shortening Site Online at Go-To.Us

Go-To.Us is a free URL shortening service and tracker. I still need to create an API to handle link shortening remotely, say on your own website, it is an active service as of today however. Popular URL shortening sites like and or use a similar method, more complex method to shorten their […]

New Rank Badges at Top-TE

I am pleased with the progress at Top-TE lately, including the introduction of new Rank Badges! The past couple of weeks have been quite productive with the transition to Top-TE 2.0, implementing new features like Titles and updating the site in general. The new rank badges replace all the old ones, so traffic exchange owners […]

New Rank Badge

Top-TE 2.0 Splash

Fresh Web Development Focus

Recently, I completed the transition to version 2.0 at Top-TE. This process reinvigorated my drive to produce desirable content with a clean template across all my websites. Some have been sitting idle and ugly for too long, sadly. Thanks to PHP5, CSS3 and the latest version of JQuery combined with the template platforms such as […]