CoinThru Update – Multiple Altcoin Conversion Rates – Set Amount

Instant Altcoin Conversion Rates on CoinThru

The last couple of days I have been busy improving the Altcoin Conversion Rates. New features include: set amount of coins to convert; get rates for multiple coin pairs; get instant exchange rates through Changelly widget and soon ShapeShift widget.

A Little Home Page Polishing First…

One thing that needed fixing was the layout and options on the main page at CoinThru. Among the updates were improved node status indicators, page layout and instant exchange donation widgets. If you feel generous enough to donate, I want to take the extra work of manually completing the process, hence the donation widgets. Any donations sent this way will automatically convert to BTC and display in the total sent to the donation address upon confirmation.

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– Daniel J. Boorstin

You may have noticed the planned future nodes listed at the top of the page… I am not ready to become a Steemit witness yet as I have much more to contribute to the community before I am comfortable asking for witness votes. Therefore, I will continue to develop tools, especially for Steemit, and provide helpful posts. There will probably be a Monero node introduced sooner than those listed by the way. Have to get my feet wet a little more. 🙂

Before You Trade Altcoins, Check This Out…

Okay, I have posted about the cryptocurrency price conversion tool before (what a mouthful), all it did then was convert 1 of any coin to the matching rate of selected pairs. For example, 1 BTC = 13.08 ETH and $4,163.93 USD at the time of this writing. Nothing too unique there, except for multiple pairs.

Now you can enter a specific quantity of coins to convert!

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George Soros

Let’s say you want to get the exchange rate for 0.25 BTC in ETH,USD,XMR,VRC,UNO (which is how you type the equivalent out). Enter your amount, from symbol and to symbol(s) then hit enter.

Your results are printed out at the standard amount of 1 in blue and your specific amount in green. Your inputs will also update the widget(s) with your first pair and amount for the instant exchange rate at Changelly and ShapeShift. Not all 1400+ altcoins are supported so you may get default pairs if your first doesn’t match.

More Options, More Informed Decisions

So, the idea behind rolling out the widgets was to offer the option to convert without logging into an exchange. On top of that, the rate is printed for each widget, which may be lower than the rate from the CryptoCompare API. For details on which exchanges have the best rates, just click the CryptoCompare link at the top of the page, enter your pair and check the markets.

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Quantity IS quality! In this case anyway. You don’t want to trade 1 BTC for Ethereum or Monero every time. You most likely want to complete small trades, maybe 0.017 ETH for ? ZEC or UNO; plus what would that amount translate to in US Dollars, Euros or Yen?

I Don’t Know The Ticker Symbol for Exclusive Coin!

This was anticipated, as I too have not known a ticker symbol or 12! 😀

Click on the Search Altcoins List for Ticker Symbol button to get a paginated display of 1400+ altcoins with corresponding ticker symbol at 50 per page. Save tons of time by using the search feature at the top.

Searches are case-sensitive for the time being. Which means ‘exclusive coin’ will yield no matches, while ‘Exclusive Coin’ will. Update on this coming soon with a <pre>strtolower()</pre> function. Find your ticker symbol, click it, get your conversion rates.


I hope you find this tool useful. Either way I really do appreciate feedback and respond to comments as quickly as possible. Don’t feel like commenting, leave an up-vote or resteem if you think others may find this post informative. Thank you for all your support!