Back in 2008, I was intrigued by the allure of internet marketing. I joined my first affiliate program, traffic exchange and multi-level marketing business not realizing the full potential of a residual online income. Of course I learned a lot about internet marketing since then through study, trial and error and modeling the success of others.

As a web developer, I wanted to offer something unique to both traffic generating sites and the surfers. There are a lot of programs offering these services but adding value to a market is what makes an entrepreneur.

In 2012, Top-TE was born. A unique traffic exchange rank directory and affiliate downline builder. The first of its kind to offer chat on splash pages, view-based ranking metrics from the surfers (not just the owner) and more. That is the entrepreneurial side.

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When I started out, I was not getting referrals into my business. While I may have been making some money on my own, I was easily spending way more than I was getting back. The way these affiliate programs are designed, you must grow a team of leaders who can then duplicate and grow a team of leaders.

The end of 2015 begins the development of my next system. But the journey has been long…

I have since adopted a duplication system and added value unique to my skill set. Here are four major lessons I learned in this industry:

Without Traffic, there are no affiliate commissions.

Without Duplication, there is no residual income.

Without Follow-Up, there is no team.

Without Consistency, there is no success.

The good news is, you can by-pass the learning curve by modeling the success of others. First, get Plugin Profit Site. Stone Evans has created such a system that has made him a millionaire, and he is giving away the same money-making website FREE!

My funnel system includes his, and once again, I have added value to this already valuable system.

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Introducing the rapidly growing market of bitcoins

There is a large community of bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that is gaining a lot of momentum. Possibly the currency of the future, it is decentralized and not regulated by government, yet all peer-to-peer transactions are based on specific algorithms processed by special Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Every transaction is traceable by blocks all the way back to the first one.

Is it real or valuable? The fact is, the market value has grown exponential since inception in 2009, especially since 2013 when it became more mainstream. The market value for 1 bitcoin (BTC) is around $330 USD! Yes, you can buy and sell them and plenty of merchants accept them.

Want your share? Get a paper wallet address from Coinbase.com (if you plan to buy/sell), Blockchain.info or Xapo (to use just your email). Then visit the Top-Bit.com faucet and fill out the form to earn a passive income of bitcoins and dollars.