Fresh Web Development Focus

Recently, I completed the transition to version 2.0 at Top-TE. This process reinvigorated my drive to produce desirable content with a clean template across all my websites. Some have been sitting idle and ugly for too long, sadly.

Thanks to PHP5, CSS3 and the latest version of JQuery combined with the template platforms such as Bootstrap, Initilizr and Modernizr, clean custom templates are now much more time-efficient to produce.

With less focus on the design elements, I am able to spend more time on engineering and content.

Not until now did I migrate all of my hosting to one top-notch dedicated server. Liquid Web gets my highest recommendation for web hosting, hands-down. On top of their daily backups and redundancy, their Heroic Support Team is second to none.

Here are the sites that have my primary focus now:

As of November (right around the corner), I will also be working on a secret project from the ground up.

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