How To Create Banner Using GIMP

GIMP Tutorial Part IV: How To Create A 468×60 Banner

You learn how to build a transitional (solid color to transparent) banner using GIMP tools. The 468 x 60 pixel banner is a standard size and one of the most commonly used around the web.

Banner Sizes and Banner Types

In this tutorial we created a static banner using a standard size of 468 pixels by 60 pixels. Future tutorials will cover different types and sizes. The next type of banner we will create is an animated banner, probably 250 x 250, another standard size, commonly seen on the left or right column of websites.

What Next?

To create a dynamic banner, we will be creating a template in gimp, then dynamically layering images on top of that using PHP. Again, this is another tutorial; stay tuned!

Have you created anything in GIMP yet? Are these tutorials useful? Want to see how to create something specific? Let me know, I appreciate all feedback.