How To Edit Photos Using GIMP

Use GIMP To Cutout A Photo of Yourself

A quick video showing how quick and easy it is to edit a photo using GIMP. In this video you will see how to easily cut out a person to paste in a different environment with a little patience.

  1. Download GIMP ( )
  2. Open GIMP and drag photo that you want to edit into the GIMP window.
  3. Using your Free Select Tool ( lasso ), zoom in to around 400% and start selecting just inside the blurry pixels on the edge of the object you want to cut out.
  4. The straighter the lines, the farther apart your cut points can be.
  5. Edit -> Cut
  6. Edit -> Paste into New Image
  7. Save and Export As… png ( png allows you to keep a transparent background ).
  8. Now you can open or import your new cutout as another layer on other images, add filters like drop-shadow, etc…

Just thought I would share this for anyone interested in creating their own avatar or logo. More videos to come.