Journal Entry: Server Migration Complete

After a long weekend of finding a suitable host and acquiring another domain with SSL, the Server Migration is complete.

You Broke My Old Server

Okay, so you didn’t exactly break my old server, it was just too tiny. The brave little toaster (shared server), I was hosting my blog on had low resource allocation and metered bandwidth that caused the site to go offline a few times. It was frustrating not being able to publish a post without pegging out the CPU, lol. So began my quest to upgrade to a dedicated platform that could handle a much larger server load and increased traffic.

Since 2008, I’ve purchased nearly all of my domains through GoDaddy, but never really looked into their hosting options as I was happy with my provider at the time. This weekend I decided to take a closer look at their options since I already use their domain service for 20+ websites. After looking over the options, I decided to give them a call explaining what I was looking to do.

Here is what my plans are:

  • Host my blog
  • Point 2-3 other domains at the server
    • A multi-cryptocurrency node on SSL at (not configured), possibly a steemit witness node too
    • A cryptocurrency guide and reference (will publish soon)
  • Utilize a small space for [web] dev

Putting the Plan to Action

As I write this, there is much to be done, but a plan has been formulated. With the server migration complete, I can focus on configuration and development. The SSL certificate was already secured for the potential node domain and my blog has already been migrated.

Currently, I plan to write a post as often as possible; aiming for daily. On top of that, I want to get the nodes online, starting with BTC, then possibly STEEM, ETH, NMC, UNO, etc… More research will have to be done into becoming a Steemit witness and running the node. I am confident it will get done without too much frustration though.

The Development Stages

To implement all of these plans, I have to engineer the system, develop the server-side back-end and publish a client-side front-end. This will be completed in progressive stages, however I am looking for form over function first. Future journal entries will keep you up-to-date with progress reports and potentially setup guides (one of the additional websites will be used for this purpose).

Meanwhile, Cryptocurrency Markets Pre-Fork

All day I’ve been reading posts about bitcoin and altcoins on the rise less than a day before the Hard Fork. I still think it has a lot to do with exposure and that there will inevitably be a big drop shortly after bitcoin cash (BCC) is introduced. Time will tell, but I am not concerned because of the stability and resilience of the blockchain technology.

I did manage to pull almost all of my cryptocurrencies off the exchanges, save for the EOS.