New Rank Badges at Top-TE

I am pleased with the progress at Top-TE lately, including the introduction of new Rank Badges! The past couple of weeks have been quite productive with the transition to Top-TE 2.0, implementing new features like Titles and updating the site in general.

New Rank Badge
New Rank Badge

The new rank badges replace all the old ones, so traffic exchange owners do not have to update their links; they are larger in size however. The old badges were 87×73 pixels and the new ones are a full 125×125 pixels. Several updates have and are yet to accompany the new badges: Daily Voting to impact ranking metrics and new 125 banners added to the promo tools, to name a couple.

New daily voting metrics will be included in the ranking metrics for the registered traffic exchanges, increasing the likelihood for any exchange to be on the Top of the list. The new metrics will look something like this: Unique daily views, Verified ownership, Reviews, Daily votes – each with a specific value. For example, the daily votes will be weighted at either 1 or 2 per vote based on whether the voter is a member or not. Each can vote once per day.

Membership is always free at Top-TE.

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