Rare Cryptocurrencies to Invest In Now

My Top Two Rare Cryptocurrency Investments

Always make sure you perform due diligence before making any investments; only investing what you can afford to lose. Unobtanium and Diamond are my top picks for rare cryptocurrency investments.

This morning I was looking at all the red in the cryptocurrency markets with a smile. Everytime the markets bear, I prepare for another bull and take the opportunity to beef up some investments at a discounted price. The quickest way to lose money is to sell, but that is all part of the FOMO mindset. Being a long-term investor, I choose to sell very little and maintain a growing portfolio of profitable cryptos through research and watching the market.

Snapshot of Coin Market Cap Currencies

Unobtanium (UNO) – Unobtanium.uno

The genesis block was mined October 13, 2013 with a limited supply of 250,000 coins [tons] ever to be mined. Sharing the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, Unobtanium can be merge-mined with bitcoin with a current block reward of only  0.0009765625 UNO. Not a very large amount, but there are already 197,810 UNO in circulation. For those of you who are collectors of rarities, this one is a must-have.

Feeling generous, you can tip me in UNO: uecLaH8t4jwFGmtcnB4e2aTpzVC6fPvZYN

Diamond (DMD) – Bit.diamonds

Fast transactions, a limited supply of 4.38 million coins, an Annual Interest Rate of 25% and Proof of Stake minting! Diamond takes it a step further, integrating a whole lot of options into their blockchain. The proof of work algorithm is dm-gr, a diamond-groestl hybrid optimized for CPU/GPU mining will no longer be available after September 10th as they move entirely to proof of stake. Upgrade instructions from the 2.0 to the 3.0 wallet are available on the site. Currently, Bittrex is the only exchange available for trading Diamonds.

Feeling rich, you can also tip me in diamonds: dTPn5pLcXwKGQ4uPvaSqtT4DzVZ3daMWnB

Calculating Trade Value on the Fly!

For those of you who actively trade between coins, I have created a coin conversion calculator for multiple altcoin pairs on CoinThru.com. Whether you want to acquire some of these rare cryptos or just check on the value of your other holdings, you can get your conversion rate instantly here. Included is a widget for instant conversion as well. All data is aggregated from several exchanges and averaged from CryptoCompare.com for accurate rates.

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