Simple Cryptocurrency Conversion Tool For Over 1400 Altcoins

Check Cryptocurrency Prices Before Trading With This Tool

It can be time consuming checking altcoin prices on different websites to track all your assets. Now you can look up over 1400 cryptocurrencies in one place.

I was busy today so I occupied some of my free time with creating this tool using the API.

Get Multiple Conversion Rates Per Coin

The default conversion you will see is bitcoin (BTC) to USD and EUR. You can check multiple conversion pairs by separating each pair with a comma (,), no space. This is especially handy if you want to trade XMR for STEEM but have to first convert to BTC. A planned feature is to add conversion rates per exchange in the future.

This tool works for fiat conversions too. USD,EUR,RUB,YEN… et cetera.

If you don’t know the Ticker Symbol of the coin you want to look up, just click on the “Search Altcoins List For Ticker Symbols” button.

The List of 1414 Cryptocurrencies

This list includes a lot of coins that are not active and a lot we didn’t even know existed. There are 50 results per page, listing the algorithm, proof type and ticker symbol for each coin. You can manually search through each page to explore the different coins and the types of each if you want to check them all out. There will be a link with the ticker symbol (SUB at #1), that will bring you back to the price page with the conversion rate for that coin.

Find What You’re Looking For

There is a much faster way to find what you’re looking for by using the search feature at the top of the list. This is a case-sensitive search, so “unobtanium” is not the same as “Unobtanium”. You want to know the price or conversion rate of a coin but don’t know the ticker symbol? Use the search tool, then click the ticker symbol for price conversion information.

I hope you find it useful. I know there are other tools out there, but sometimes you have to use different tools to check on different altcoins. This is something I use, so just wanted to make it available to everyone. Look forward to doing another tutorial tomorrow.

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