Top Cryptocurrencies Not Afraid of Bitcoin Copy Cat According to Markets

A couple days before the Hard Fork – we’ll call the B.itcoin C.opy – and cryptocurrencies go bullish. Will Bitcoin be dethroned? Ethereum has certainly taken some hits.

Bitcoin Postures with Very Little Market Reaction (1)

Not just bitcoin, but the top performing cryptocurrencies seem to be non-chalant about the impending UAHF. Is this the calm before the storm? Maybe the whales are just waiting to get their hands on some bitcoin copy cat before dumping on the market.

The anticipation has certainly made people all over the world start inquiring about cryptocurrencies. Just a fortunate consequence of the controversy and publicity. One could speculate that was the intent behind Bitmain’s announcement of a User-Activate Hard Fork.
But I digress…

Meanwhile, $90 Million Ethereum Gets Stolen ( 2 )

The plot thickens as more news emerges out of the BTC-E scandal. Some just withdrew $90M worth of Ethereum out of one of the BTC-E wallets. The odd thing is, they made a tiny .0001 ETH withdrawal first; almost as if they wanted to see if it would work.

Let the finger-pointing commence as speculations run wild. Who did it? I’m sure that will surface soon enough as the investigations continue. Ethereum however, doesn’t seem phased; as of now…

Nearly 1,000 in Altcoins Circulating Already (3)

One thing is for sure, the original bitcoin and original smart-contract platform token Ethereum, are still acting bullish. Considering the potential havok that could be wrought by the bitcoin copy cat, the story is far from over.

What are your thoughts?

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