Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Recorded From White House, TN

Total Solar Eclipse, Start to Finish

The Total Solar Eclipse at my location (around White House, TN) took place (1) from 1:28PM CDT to 1:29PM CDT (roughly 2 minutes 40 seconds). Recording covers entirety of the total eclipse and snapshots of different phases.

Synopsis of the Solar Event

In preparation of the Solar Eclipse, I took numerous still photos of the sun during partial phases and the sun projections. To capture the projections, I just punctured a small hole in a sheet of paper with a pen and held that up to the sun. The result was a representation of the partial eclipse on the handrail. During the totality phase, I recorded the video with a digital SLR camera with no filters.

In hindsight, I should have done two things: 1. Bought solar glasses for myself. 2. Bought a solar lens filter for my camera.

The solar filter for the camera would have provided much better details of the actual eclipse, versus the indiscernible orange ball seen in the recording. The solar glasses would have enabled me to look directly at the sun during the partial eclipse phases.


Experiencing The Eclipse Effect of the Moon’s Shadow

As the moon progressed across the sun, the shadow crossed the surface of the Earth at between 1,400 and 2,200 miles per hour! (2) The sky gradually darkened and street lights began to come on. The temperature dropped by roughly 10 degrees and stars became slightly visible.

During the total eclipse, it was dark, but not completely. I would liken it to dusk or sunset. Looking into the ring was spectacular! A ring of light from the sun encircled the moon, which was at this point just a dark black circle.

After a short few minutes, the sky brightened dramatically as the sun’s rays burst out from behind the cover of the moon. The warmth of that initial diamond burst could be felt on the skin. No longer would it be safe to look at the sun without solar glasses. Dusk turned back to day, the street lights began to dim and go out. The event was over just as suddenly as it began.

Share Your Eclipse Experience

Traveling to the store minutes after the Total Solar Eclipse revealed dozens of people observing the event from their yards and public gatherings. Many groups had at least one high-tech camera with solar filters to capture the event.

Did you get video or photos? See some posted online somewhere? Post the links or images here in the comments so others can find them. If images are not yours, just credit the photo with a link.


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