Updated Steem Growth Calculator

Now Using the Steem JS API to Auto-Fill the Calculator Data

Just enter your Steemit.com username to auto-fill the calculator form and enter your growth percentage.

What Is It For?

The reason I created the Steem Growth Calculator was to estimate my potential earnings over a long period of time if I invested 100% of my rewards.

All data is based on current SP and USD price values, which can change frequently, so the further out you go, the less accurate the results will be. I recommend 4 weeks.

How Is This Different?

There are a lot of tools available for Steemit. However, I have not encountered one that gives a projected growth calculation with user-defined settings.

Where Do I Get Growth Percentage?

I have incorporated a default growth of 1%, but there is an embedded link in the form to visit your steem.supply page, created by @dragosroua. Your username will already be in the link once you have entered it on the Calculator page. He uses a number of metrics to project your growth, so no sense in reinventing the wheel.

Where Do You Get the Steem Price From?

The steem price on the form is a market average value from CoinMarketCap.com. On the Alcoin Conversion Page, you will get a different value from CryptoCompare.com. Use whatever value you wish here.

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