3D Art & Prints

Jerokiah is a hobby 3D artist who operated in Military, Investigations, Programming and now Roadside Assistance and Retail. Buy exclusive HF Frames on Etsy.

Military Awards and Decorations include Bronze Star Medal; Purple Heart Medal; ARCOMM; EIB, CIB, Air Assault and more.

Education includes Software Engineering Technology; Marketing; Automotive Systems Electronics and Transmissions; MCSE+I and A+ and more.

Specializations include language, diplomacy, physics, problem solving, marketing and communications, graphics, database integrations and engineering.

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Jerokiah In Summary

Jerokiah is a wrecker / tow truck operator and sells collectibles including precious metals and custom 3D art prints and files. He has operated as security and a licensed private investigator; marketing and programming and served two combat tours with the U.S. Army Infantry: 2003-2004 B co 3/327 INF and 2005-2006 D co 1/506 INF with the 101st ABN DIV (AASLT). The name Jerokiah was conceived by combining Jeroboam and Hezekiah; both kings from The Bible. Embedded with a high aptitude for diplomacy and culture, serving others comes naturally. Jerokiah currently works for a motor club as a fleet tow service technician in Nashville. Find your local AAA emergency service or start a AAA career. He sells precious metals and collectibles on eBay (click ‘Treasures’ at the top of the page).

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance includes tire changes, lockouts, fuel delivery and jump starts or towing under most roadside programs. Light service can generally get you on the road again, but if not a tow may be included, which is part of the most roadside programs.

Fuel delivery generally includes up to 2 gallons or $5 worth of fuel. Lockouts generally include entry into passenger compartment of your vehicle in the event your keys are locked in. Some programs will also pay for a set amount toward a locksmith to replace keys if necessary.

A roadside technician may also offer to test your battery and alternator as well as replacing batteries or running light diagnostics on your vehicle. A worthwhile investment in the event you should need to use the services.

Precious Metals, Coins & Collectibles

Starting in the late fall of 2022, Jerokiah opened a small collectibles shop online called Tunnelrat Treasures. Exclusively on eBay currently, the auctions and sales have gained momentum and may demand fresh real estate. Most of the products are silver bullion, but also gold, copper, coins, paper currency, junk silver, commemorative coins and other collectible memorabilia. Starting in 2024, custom 3D art files (.stl) from photos using HueForge and custom-built frames will be available to download and print; or purchase the prints for shipment. Follow the shop on Facebook to get updates and auction notifications.

Sound money refers to money with intrinsic value (the material it is made of). Gold, silver and the Platinum Metal Group (platinum, palladium, rhodium…) are exactly that. The metal itself is valuable, whereas currency, such as FIAT government notes like the USD and GBP have very little to no intrinsic value as they are just paper/cotton; promissory notes. One cent in America, pre-1982, has 95% copper content, or roughly 2.3 grams of copper, which is worth roughly 2 cents in copper alone!

Build yourself a safety net for your family by allocating some gold or silver today. Use code BOUNTYHUNTER5 at checkout and save 5% on your purchase of anything storewide.

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