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Military, Investigations, Programming, GIMP Tutorials and Marketing Background.

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About Jerokiah

Jerokiah is a Purple Heart recipient and veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry. His background includes: security, licensed professional investigator, internet marketing, programming, retail and entrepreneurship. Jerokiah studied software engineering technology for four years and has a high aptitude for language and diplomacy. Jerokiah also creates and publishes illustrations and photo editing techniques with GIMP. Purchase some of my work.

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Jerokiah is known by his middle name offline, James. Currently working part time near home in retail. In March of 2006, on his second deployment to Iraq, Jerokiah was involved in a fatal complex ambush, resulting in a TBI and PTSD. He does receive compensation and care through the Veterans Administration for service-related injuries and disabilities as they affect his ability to work and function. Transitioning to civilian life is difficult for Jerokiah and many veterans as it takes time to adjust and some unfortunately never do.

The name Jerokiah was conceived by his father, combining Jeroboam and Hezekiah, from The Bible.

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