Aluminum Bronze Alloying & Pouring | Smelting Metal Treasure

Aluminum Bronze Alloy Aluminum Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Aluminum. It is stronger than copper and has a goldish hue that makes it desirable. There are different compositions for various applications, but in this video I went with 90% Copper (Cu) and 10% Aluminum (Al). Smelting Preparation & Pouring Temperatures In order to […]

Nordic Gold Viking Coin – 3D Print – Sand Cast – Pour

Nordic Gold Viking Coin Nordic Gold was developed in 1991 and is used for Euro Coins to this day. As a copper-based alloy, it is not actually gold. Nordic Gold is 89% Copper, 5% Aluminum, 5% Zinc, and 1% Tin. I alloyed this metal off camera weeks ago. In this video, I thought it would […]

Three Metal Pours – Bronze, Nordic Gold, Silver

This video is a preview of upcoming channel content, showcasing three metal pours only. Something fascinating about pouring molten metal. Two of the melts were copper-based alloys. I weighed out each before the melt. Bronze: 89% Copper, 11% Tin. Nordic Gold: 89% Copper, 5% Aluminum, 5% Zinc, 1% Tin. The silver is pure, not alloyed. […]

How To Put Your Face On Money Using Gimp

Reverse Zoom Effect GIF in GIMP (Timelapse)

Creating a Reverse Zoom Effect in GIMP The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to scale layers of background and foreground images to create a reverse zoom effect using GIMP 2.10 or higher. In the movies, you often see a moment of horror, shock or fear as the camera zooms in on […]

GIMP Tutorial: How To Fade & Transition Backgrounds

This GIMP tutorial will show you two techniques: how to create both a background transition and a background fade using GIMP 2.10. Walk-through of the process from start to finish, including tips and shortcut keys. Another technique discussed is how to feather selections for clean cut outs. Built-in features allow you to add to or […]

Where Has Jerokiah Been?

What a rocky few years it has been. I am happy to be returning to a semblance of an online presence. Since 2008, this website has been hosted by different platforms on and off as life has taken me in different directions. This post is to clarify my intent to continue my internet presence and […]

Acorns Or Stash For Investments?

The term micro-invest refers to investing small amounts in ETF’s (Exchange-Traded Funds) or a mix of stocks, bonds and commodities. If you are new to investments or saving money, don’t have a lot to invest or just want to set aside a little extra for the future without using a traditional low interest savings account, […]

3 Ways To Passively Earn Cryptocurrency

You can passively earn cryptocurrency from browsing, publishing content and investing, right now. It might take years and a lot of effort to earn anything on major social media outlets, and that is just frustrating. Here are 3 ways to passively earn cryptocurrency right away through browsing, mobile cloud mining and interest… Browsing – Brave […]

Income Tax Made Simple In 2019

If you’re like most people, tax season can be stressful because the IRS tax codes are a bit obfuscated. Will you owe taxes or get a tax refund? This is a simple guide showing how income tax is calculated for 2019. What Is Adjusted Gross Income? Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), is all of your earned […]