Altcoins & Bitcoin

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency! The advent of the blockchain, first introduced with bitcoin has spawned a revolution in digital – or crypto – currency. Today Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the way as the two most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies.

There are however many factors that have been taken into consideration as blockchain technology advances, such as security, how it is mined, practical application and global reach.

Here a few of the most innovative uses and my recommendations for which ones you should open a wallet for and hold on to.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC or XBT) – Simply because it is the most valuable, widely accepted coin, and is the basis for pricing altcoins.
  2. Ethereum (ETH or ETC) – Ethereum blockchain introduced smart contracts, which has revolutionized the game. Many coins are based on smart contracts.
  3. Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) – If you are not using the fastest, safest browser yet, you are also missing out on tangible rewards. Download and make the switch to Get Brave Browser for free and start earning rewards for browsing, website ownership, twitter, youtube and twitch accounts now. You can import all your Chrome settings (even use the chrome extensions), IE or Firefox, etc…
  4. STEEM (STEEM or SBD) – Social Media is also a big player on the blockchain with the most popular being If you are a publisher, creator or content producer of any sort, you should be on Steemit or or the likes. STEEM is earned through delegated proof of stake (DPOS), in a democratic way of rewarding content and curation with cryptos. That means the more you have and the more consistent you post/curate, the more you earn.
  5. COIN (XYO) – Coins can be geo-mined through an app and exchanged for products or the XYO cryptocurrency token. If you travel frequently, they add up quickly.

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