3 Ways To Passively Earn Cryptocurrency

You can passively earn cryptocurrency from browsing, publishing content and investing, right now. It might take years and a lot of effort to earn anything on major social media outlets, and that is just frustrating. Here are 3 ways to passively earn cryptocurrency right away through browsing, mobile cloud mining and interest…

Browsing – Brave Browser

Passively Earn Cryptocurrency with Brave
Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is just getting started and gaining huge momentum as people realize the benefits and switch from the other major players. You can import all your other browser data and even add chrome extensions! Up to 6x faster browsing speeds, Brave blocks adds, comes with private browsing and even has tor built-in!

You can opt-in to receive unobtrusive, desktop-notification-like, ads from Brave and earn up to $5 worth of BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) a month. On top of the rewards, you can decide to contribute to sites you frequent in your settings and even tip tweets! You can also buy and sell your BAT for FIAT or other cryptos. Yet another great way to passively earn cryptocurrency.

If you’re a publisher, you can claim your website (even your Twitter account) in the Brave Rewards program to claim tips and rewards from people visiting your site or interacting with your tweets. You may already have some BAT waiting…

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Compare speeds and built-in security to the other major browsers on the link above and you’ll never want to use another browser.

You can also sync all your Brave browsers on different platforms, including Android and iOS.

Mobile Cloud Mining – Electroneum (Add 5% Code: 2E9CFC)


Electroneum (ETN) is extending the reach of cryptocurrency even farther by breaking the barriers of trade with third-world countries who don’t otherwise have access to banking. To earn ETN all you need is a smart phone!

Download the app, start cloud mining by taking the verification photo and add the code: 2E9CFC to earn 5% extra. Cloud mining doesn’t use your own hardware resources, you just have to make sure you restart it once every seven days. You’ll get 25 ETN just for opening a wallet.

The potential for this is huge as it unlocks new markets to people worldwide. You can also buy ETN with debit/credit card or PayPal or accept it on your phone or website.

Passive Investing – BlockFi (Earn Compounding Interest)

You are probably familiar with traditional investing in stocks and bonds, where you buy shares or bonds which earn interest by essentially loaning your money out… Well, you can do the same thing with your Bitcoin or Ethereum right now with BlockFi.

Simply deposit your BTC (6.2%), ETH (4.1%) or GUSD (8.6%) and earn up to 8.6% compounding interest, plus 10% of the interest of anyone you refer. Do nothing else but watch it grow. You can however, issue loans and trade (check availability), but that is entirely up to you.

Bonus 1: Publishing – STEEM and Twitter

If you are a content creator or just love social media, here are a couple more ways you can grow your cryptocurrency portfolio over time. STEEM is the leading token in social media with platforms for bloggers and content creators like Steemit (@tunnelrat – my profile) and PalNet, video bloggers and publishers like D.tube and twitter users have another way to earn and share rewards with Snax!

Unlike major platforms, these all reward based on quality and feedback from other users on the platform vs. just popularity. The more STEEM you re-invest, the more powerful your votes, the more you can influence people just starting out.

If you aren’t very active on Twitter, Snax will take some time to build up, but you can still be tipped in BAT if you’re using Brave.

Bonus 2: Trading – Lupex (Free Pick the Price Rewards)

Want some free cryptocurrency just for guessing prices? You should try Lupex exchange as they have a rewards system for tournaments and head to head Pick the Price games. Just guess a price you think the BTC or ETH will be at when the time expires and you win if your guess is the closest. There are options to put up wagers too.

Disclaimer: Never invest anything you aren’t willing to lose, cryptocurrency or FIAT. All investments have associated risks. Referral links are included, which may result in a small commission for either the referrer or both the referrer and referree.