Dollar Declines, Bitcoin and Gold Climb

dollar declines, bitcoin eats it up like pacman

This year has seen a peak in bitcoin users, exchanges and value, while the dollar declines. Meanwhile, gold prices rise once again as does the popularity of bitcoin. The U.S. gas prices have been at the lowest prices in years but how long will that last? Groceries and utilities have done the opposite. With the availability of bitcoin worldwide, it is still a very plausible solution to currency issues, especially in 3rd world countries. Is it just a trend or will the bitcoin system actually take hold and continue to grow?

With the next block halving taking place this year, we may see a decline in new miners, but does bitcoin have enough momentum to climb further? Time will tell, but history is a good preface for the resilience of this cryptocurrency as the dollar declines. I for one will continue to collect and trade with bitcoin while holding onto the hope that the dollar will make a comeback. Being a deregulated currency, bitcoin has a lot of advantages that the dollar will not be able to compete with over time, albeit an old and established money.

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