First Time Stash Invest and Cryptocurrency

If you have never invested before, these investment platforms are the most affordable way to get started. The two platforms I am pleased with are Ethtrade for bitcoin or ethereum investments and Stash Invest ETF investments as low as $5.

A lot of people consider active trading investing when they buy and sell constantly. That is not what I am referring to are long-term investments, like savings with better returns. Most bank savings accounts will offer somewhere around .01 – .015% returns. That’s practically nothing ($.01 per $100).

These platforms offer a slightly better yield varying from .5-5% on average. With any investment, you do run the risk of losing money, so never invest more than you can afford to lose. But why hold your own money when you can stash invest and earn? Make your money work for you.


Ethtrade Platform:
Your investments are in cryptocurrency (either bitcoin or ethereum), which are traded on markets just like FIAT currency. Daily returns are added to your account to be reinvested or withdrawn. There are early withdrawl penalties, which is good because this is not HYIP or some scheme.

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Stash Invest Platform:
Your investments with Stash are in FIAT (USD), which are invested into ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) which are stocks broken up into bits and packaged together, allow you to invest in basically micro-stocks. These will also yield a daily return based on the market for the companies in the package.


If this is your first time investing, it can be scary, but both of these options offer a very low investment amount. $10 for Ethtrade and $5 for Stash Invest. Start small and keep a close eye on your daily, weekly, monthly returns. If you can afford to do more, do so once you are comfortable with the process.


Totally your choice. Depending on how much and how well your investments do, you may be able to withdrawal dividends every few months or just reinvest them and pull funds every few years or yearly. Ideally, this could act as your retirement fund or a nice passive income that you continue to build. The choice is yours.