Free Bitcoins From Top-Bit Faucet

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins have been around since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the large market spike in 2013, the bitcoin market has been growing in popularity and currently sits at an exchange rate of around 1BTC ~ $370 USD!

Because of the value, you will often see people earning and trading smaller amounts called bits and satoshi.

1 bit = 0.00001 BTC ~ $0.0004
1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC

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Where Can I Store Bitcoins?

Because they require hardware (usually graphics cards) compiling complex algorithms, they are stored in what is referred to as a wallet with a hash address. No banks control bitcoins, it is a decentralized currency. That means you make trades on a peer-to-peer basis, from one wallet to another with very small fees for the transaction.

Where Can I Get Bitcoins?

You can get free satoshi from sites called faucets, which give you a certain amount every visit, given a specific time frame has passed and you complete the captcha. There are hundreds of these bitcoin faucets, some of them are games.

You can also buy bitcoins from peer-to-peer exchanges via PayPal, Credit Card, Money Order, et cetera…

Want to earn some right now?

First, you’ll need a wallet. I recommend Coinbase bitcoin wallet or Blockchain .

Next, pick up between 750 and 1250 satoshi right now at my new Top-Bit Faucet .


There are plenty of resources on the Home page of Top-Bit to learn more about bitcoins, where to invest, earn and use them. Eventually, this site will be a Faucet Browser as well, maximizing your hourly satoshi profits.