Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet, on Multiple Platforms with Jaxx

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

The open source cryptocurrency wallet provider Jaxx has created a wallet interface with integration. This app allows you to quickly access, send, receive and exchange crypto funds on any device. The desktop version is a Java-based application with a wider screen. This makes for easier viewing of transaction history. The mobile app and browser extensions both provide more utility when it comes to being user-friendly.

Cryptocurrency Wallet For Your Browser

The browser extension will detect a bitcoin address on the active webpage once opened and offer to input it in the send or receive address field on Jaxx. This saves the copy and paste step. People like things that make life easier.

You can adjust your settings to to display different cryptocurrency wallets at the top of the app. Swipe to choose a wallet and instantly access your funds. Just below your wallet-type selection is an integrated ShapeShift API with your wallet addresses built-in to quickly exchange cryptocurrencies. I personally like this feature. You still have the option to input a different address though.

In your settings is a wallet phrase for pairing devices with a unique string of words. Secure your wallet with a 4-digit pin on top of that. A new deposit address is created every time you send funds from your wallet. This happens on each of the cryptocurrencies you use, which is a good practice anyway.

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As with any cryptocurrency wallet, you should always make a backup of your wallet seed or backup phrase. Without a backup, you could lose everything, meaning any money you also invested into cryptocurrency for that wallet.