New Top-TE Splash Graphic

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Top-TE is now 3 years and 1 week old. This is quite a milestone in the affiliate marketing industry because there is a lot of competition out there. One very important aspect to any business is a constant flow of new members.

A crucial part of bringing new members in is the landing page, or splash page in traffic exchanges. If you are not willing to adapt as a business, you will fail, and something we do at Top-TE is monitor which campaigns and activities are most effective.

Our new splash design includes some headline text, the chat on splash and this graphic:

It has these elements: Grabs attention, Highlights benefits, Call to Action.

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Based on how effective this add is, there may be more or less added later like that Tag game and new Gold Wheel game that should be available soon. However, metrics will continue to be measured and adaptations will be made as necessary.

Affiliate marketing is about the affiliates, not the business. Feedback is always welcome.