NiceHash – Most Efficient Pool Mining Tool

Maximize Your Efforts with a Mining Tool

If you are anything like me, you love the idea of putting your machines to work for you, hashing away at cryptocurrency. With bitcoin becoming more and more difficult to profitably mine without spending wads of cash for your own farm, we tend to look for alternatives that will allow us to be relevant miners on a budget.

Nicehash provides a solution in the form of two options to this issue, also providing more stability for the blockchain: Buy massive hashpower or Sell your hashpower for bitcoin.

Hash power Buyers

With dozens of algorithms to chose from, you can buy hash power for just about any cryptocurrency and point it directly at your pool. Buyers put in a bid of BTC/GHs/Day (how much in BTC you want to spend per GH/s per Day), set the hash limit (how many miners/hash power simultaneously working) and set your budget (minimum .01 BTC).  Then watch the miners massively increase your mining operation.

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Hash power Sellers

Don’t have ASICS or a Mining Rig? No problem, just download the Nisehash Miner and let it go to work for you. Your computer will CPU/GPU mine any of the optimized profitable currency in exchange for BTC (much more than you would earn in a bitcoin mining pool with that setup). The GUI miner will display your estimated earnings per day and your current balance, added to your Nicehash wallet.

This is by far the most profitable mining I have done from my own hardware by far, and I was running 100GH/s in mining chips at a bitcoin pool for months. Thanks to newer algorithms like cryptonight and equihash, your rig can handle a decent hash rate; thanks to Nicehash, you can be rewarded by that hash rate in bitcoin.