Where Has Jerokiah Been?

What a rocky few years it has been. I am happy to be returning to a semblance of an online presence. Since 2008, this website has been hosted by different platforms on and off as life has taken me in different directions.

This post is to clarify my intent to continue my internet presence and assure anyone who is interested that I will always have this domain (hopefully with hosting).

Jerokiah’s Online Presence

Things are overall looking better for my focus and drive as of recently. One of the goals I wish to accomplish is to maintain this website as a center or hub of my activity. Social media has not been a part of my life for some time now, especially as of recent. Too much censorship permeates our society, especially through big tech as of late.

As a combat veteran of the United States Army, I swore and oath to protect the Constitution, including the rights that grant our freedoms as Americans. I am disappointed at the direction this country is taking, namely attacking the First and Second Amendments.

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Regardless of the political environment that has taken shape, I still value our foundational principles as one Nation under God. Divisive rhetoric and tactics have become the norm and it is heartbreaking. I will continue to stand by and for our freedoms. End political statement.

What Happened To Shift My Online Presence

At one time I was an internet marketer, running a traffic exchange, ranking site and even a bitcoin faucet. Bitcoin has cost me quite a lot as a semi-early adopter of cryptocurrency. It cost me a lot of revenue, time and ultimately a significant amount financially. I have since worked my way back to a comfortable position, but not without learning some valuable lessons.

This statement is primarily intended for those who knew me through one of my websites:

None of the data collected from individuals, on any of the websites I operated, was compromised, sold or otherwise misused. In fact, all of the data back-ups have been destroyed.

I want to sincerely thank everyone I have met on this journey for supporting my visions and ambitions. I hope that I have earned your respect and possibly your trust along the way should we encounter each other once more in the future.

God Bless and Best Regards,

Jerokiah Darr

P.S. I am currently working offline and rebuilding things. If you should wish to help support the hosting of this site to see what I’m up to, I will setup a page for donations. In the meantime, you can also support via PayPal.