Three Metal Pours – Bronze, Nordic Gold, Silver

This video is a preview of upcoming channel content, showcasing three metal pours only. Something fascinating about pouring molten metal. Two of the melts were copper-based alloys. I weighed out each before the melt. Bronze: 89% Copper, 11% Tin. Nordic Gold: 89% Copper, 5% Aluminum, 5% Zinc, 1% Tin. The silver is pure, not alloyed.

Both a propane furnace and an electric furnace are used for these metal pours. Electric furnaces are slower but suitable for high purity metals. Propane is quicker but can get messy and require more attention as the temperature is not regulated.

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Future metal melting videos will include more copper-based alloys, silver, aluminum, recycled metals and alloys, copper, possibly gold, tin, lead zinc and brass. The process involves sourcing metals, sometimes designing and 3D printing for sand-casting, volume, propane or electric induction furnace, choosing molds, cleaning, sanding, polishing, weighing, stamping and more. This video only showcases three metal pours.

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Recycling Metals

Recycling cans, copper wires, electrical components, brass and aluminum casings is a great way to source for metal pours if you are on a budget and prefer to alloy or don’t mind skimming slag. The metal pours end up high purity after the dross is removed from the molten metal. Plastic coatings should be stripped off of wires for a cleaner melt and less toxic vapors while smelting.

Disclaimer: Molten metal and vapors produced by some of them are very dangerous. Please do not try this at home without doing due diligence and wearing proper PPE. A respirator and eye protection should be worn, along with high-temp welders gloves.

Home Smelting Gear

10kg Propane Furnace:
3kg Electric Furnace:
Respirator Mask:
Extra #10 Crucible:
Fire Bricks: