Satoshi Nakamoto is Craig Wright?

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A recent revelation has come to light on the mysterious identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin; or has it? According to a lot of media reports, Craig Steven Wright, a 44 year old from Australia, with 2 PHD’s and a few Master’s Degrees is thought by some to be Satoshi himself.

Take a look at this article by Coindesk:

On the other hand, there are those who believe the evidence points at an elaborate hoax by Craig to either take credit and possibly claim the 1 Million bitcoin fortune linked to Satoshi, or for some other unknown reason.

Read more about the possible hoax on Wired:

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Whatever the case, Satoshi or not, one thing is for certain. This controversy has caused the price of bitcoin to rise significantly in the last few days. Last check on Coinbase, revealed the price of 1 BTC to be around $450 USD. ( Check Coinbase Price )

Will 2016 see an exponential increase in the market value of bitcoin? Well, the next block halving is scheduled to take place next year, going from 25 new bitcoins per block down to 12.5. With the difficulty continuing to rise, this could get interesting.