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Back Online

It has been several months since taking down all the websites and hosting. I’m back, but on a more personal, less commercial level. This site will serve as a basic reference for what’s going on with me, publicly. Happy to be back. Send me a message on Facebook to get in touch (icon in footer).

Top TE Now Has Surfing

After nearly 4 years of ranking the top traffic exchanges with unique metrics, Top-TE now offers surfing to members. There is no conflict of interest as Top-TE is not listed in the directory of ranked exchanges, nor does it compete. The decision was made to include a custom surfbar to offer members another form of […]

New Servers Built and Online

New Servers are Up! The DarrSoft Network got an upgrade this week. With the Heroic Support team managing the build, migration and technical support throughout the process, it was an incredibly smooth transition. For the past few years, all our dedicated hosting needs have been handled by the folks over at LiquidWeb and we have […]

Dollar Declines, Bitcoin and Gold Climb

This year has seen a peak in bitcoin users, exchanges and value, while the dollar declines. Meanwhile, gold prices rise once again as does the popularity of bitcoin. The U.S. gas prices have been at the lowest prices in years but how long will that last? Groceries and utilities have done the opposite. With the […]

A Look Ahead For Bitcoin in 2016

Recent events in the last month of 2015 have caused the price of bitcoin to spike, reaching over $450; a record high for the year. For historic price charts, you can visit exchanges like Coinbase Price Charts. The question is, what does this mean for the next year? Some believe the price could hit $1,000,000 […]

Satoshi Nakamoto is Craig Wright?

A recent revelation has come to light on the mysterious identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin; or has it? According to a lot of media reports, Craig Steven Wright, a 44 year old from Australia, with 2 PHD’s and a few Master’s Degrees is thought by some to be Satoshi himself. Take a […]

Bitcoin Earn Reviews

The bitcoin market is booming, partly due to all the free satoshi (parts of a bitcoin) being given away at faucets like Top-Bit. The value of 1 bitcoin is equal to about $330 USD on average and the community is rapidly growing. Because of increased interest, intrinsic value and the large market for bitcoin trade, […]

Veteran’s Day Homage

Today I wanted to say thank you to my brothers and sisters in uniform, active and retired. I appreciate the sacrifice you and your families have made, as I know what it means to be a veteran myself. Recognition for fallen warriors: – Cpt. Seifert, Christopher (OIF 2003) Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait.– SSg. Sylva, Marco (OIF […]

Free Bitcoins From Top-Bit Faucet

What are Bitcoins? Bitcoins have been around since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the large market spike in 2013, the bitcoin market has been growing in popularity and currently sits at an exchange rate of around 1BTC ~ $370 USD! Because of the value, you will often see people earning and […]

New Top-TE Splash Graphic

Top-TE is now 3 years and 1 week old. This is quite a milestone in the affiliate marketing industry because there is a lot of competition out there. One very important aspect to any business is a constant flow of new members. A crucial part of bringing new members in is the landing page, or […]