New Tab Syndrome is Like Writer’s Block

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Have you ever opened your browser window and just stared at that new tab window? I have on occasion, usually after I finish surfing several tabs or working on a project with several tabs open. I refer to this as New Tab Syndrome, which is like writer’s block for the web.


Out of the millions of websites available to visit, we spend most of our time on a very small percentage of that and tend to lose focus. There are a handful I visit everyday doing income-producing activities on, yet others that I just kill time on. These income-producing activity sites are centralized in my funnels, which I are my default go-to when I get New Tab Syndrome.

First, I open up My Income Funnel and launch the sites that earn me money. Then I launch the sites that I use in my marketing to build my team. After that, I get touch with people in my team to offer assistance in duplicating the process.

As a webmaster, I also ensure that my other websites, like Top-TE are running efficiently and consistently receiving improvements.

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Even with all that, there are times when I still get that annoying New Tab Syndrome though.

That is a good time to step away from the computer for a minute and let some ideas flow. What are you excited about? What can be improved? If you were looking at or using your website, what would you do different? How can you help someone on your team? What extra value can you provide?

I think about these things when I’m laying down to sleep sometimes, or in the shower.

Next time you get New Tab Syndrome:

  • Step back
  • Brainstorm
  • Critique yourself
  • Offer someone assistance
  • Think about your unique services, add value

These are just my thoughts on the matter, but you may find them useful. Leave your thoughts below.